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Summer 2010

While it would be entirely impossible to summarize the rest of my summer (post Central America bike tour) in one blog post, I will attempt to summarize as best possible. I apologize for the lack of diligence on my part, I deserve to be flogged!

Upon returning to the states after a month in Central America I began my adventures of Summer 2010 part II. However it was not all rainbows and sunshine as I was immediately informed of some horrible news upon arriving back in the states.

A lady I had climbed a wall with last summer and was hoping to climb with in the next couple months had died while climbing a day before I got back to California. Chris Chan was an amazing woman who never failed to inspire anyone she met and could always be found with a smile on her face. It was hard news to come home to but such is life…

We will always hold you in our hearts Chris.

However, despite the tragic start of my return to California thankfully things started to get better right away. I had made plans to join up with Mario in Yosemite and it meant alot to spend time climbing and hanging out with my good friend who had recently returned from serving overseas in good health.

My summer involved many adventures in the Sierra Nevada with many great people. I wish I could blog about every single adventures on its own but instead I shall summarize them quickly and maybe post about them separately at a later date.

-I led a backpacking trip up Half Dome with the Yosemite Conservancy. It was nice to guide adults and stand on top of such a memorable geologic icon.

-I attempted the Evolution Traverse with Ryan Huetter and while we did not succeed I still had an amazing time.

The start of the evolution traverse bathed in alpenglow. Basically you get on top of the first peak and traverse south for 8 miles.

Mount Darwin with foreboding clouds all around. The reason for us bailing. I can't wait to get back up there!

– Mario, LorNor and I did Mt. Laurel. While it is not a technically difficult climb, it was quite an enjoyable alpine scramble/free solo.

– Mario and I did Moon Goddess Arete on Temple Crag. It was a fun adventure full of alpine landscapes, back country lakes, high altitude kite flying and great, if somewhat loose, climbing.

– Mario and I then decided to do a big wall and hopped on Lurking Fear on El Cap. It was Mario’s first big wall and he did great! Look forward to a future post on this one!

– Upon succeeding on Lurking Fear, we decided to get on Skull Queen, another big wall in Yosemite. I had previously bailed on this climb and once again, we bailed. One day I shall climb the Skull Hag!

Unfortunately after Skull Queen Mario had to get back to normal life in Colorado and I had to get ready for a WFR Re-Cert and staff training for work. However work does not mean the end of adventures, and adventures more I did have!




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