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It’s getting real…

Well I just turned 27, and  its funny to look back and see how much I have changed in the past 5 years.

I say that because while we all grow up and change every year, it seems like the past 5 years have been especially large milestones for me. I think a lot of that change has been a direct result of graduating from college and being on my own (more or less) and discovering who I am in this life.

Looking back it never fails to surprise me that my outdoor lifestyle has been a major part of my developmental process all along. As a child I can remember sitting on the seat my dad had attached to his bike and staring out as my dad pedaled me around our home in Texas. A few years later, I had the great fortune of moving to Guam with my family and playing in jungles and on the beach daily. Those carefree days of island life had a major impact on who I am today and how I see this world. After my island time, it was off to the big bad Chihuahuan desert where I spent most of my life in the southwest. It was here that I started to roam and explore my surrounding with greater freedom, often stumbling upon hidden “treasures” in the desert and sharing them with those who explored with me. But something else happened around this time too.

It was as a kid in El Paso that I began my love for bikes and the inescapable joy they brought into my life. For this I have a lot of people to thank, but one in particular is my best friend Paul. He was often my partner in crime as we pedaled around looking for trouble, new trails or sometimes just a necessary escape. As I grew older, my bike love waned a bit, but it never vanished. However it wasn’t until college that my love for cycling re-emerged, this time in the form of mountain biking. I was strictly a mountain biker for the longest time, even going as far as to ridicule those banana hammock wearing road freaks I saw out on the street.

But yet again I found a new love when I moved up to the Sierra Nevada in California and found myself needing a road bike due to lack of mountain bike trails. And once again, as always, Paul was there with a bike for me. Seriously, the dude GAVE me a carbon road bike (her name is Sierra) out of the kindness of his heart.

Now it is time to officially embrace the bike touring side of me I have recently discovered and see what happens. the grant money has officially come through so I am now fully funded for my summer of touring….

I even took a photo of the check that has made this dream a reality.

The financial realization of a dream.

So now it’s time to get moving, buy plane tickets, order some more gear and make this happen.

I promise to continue updating this blog as the tour develops more. Stay tuned for more juicy bikey goodness in the future.


el andy.

p.s. In other unrelated news, I just returned home from a week long evacuation of Yosemite/El Portal due to landslides, rockfall, heavy snow and falling trees. Check out the Snowmageddon on my Facebook Page or just check out these few pictures here.

Tree Fall/Landslide

No power for a bit, eh?

A near miss...

That was close!

Boom goes the roof!


2 comments on “It’s getting real…

  1. Ayngelina
    March 27, 2011

    So excited for the new blog posts and to live vicariously through you because you know I´m too lazy to do it myself!

  2. Mom
    March 27, 2011

    As you get to know the person you are I wonder if you are realizing your wonderful gift of expression.

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