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Prince George to Vancouver- To the end and beyond!

It is truly amazing to be writing this having cycled over 2,700 miles and officially being done! I decided that I would end in Vancouver while I was still having the most fun and make my way to Victoria, on Vancouver Island, to relax and soak it all in for a day.

It is hand for me to put into words how truly amazing this trip has been and how it feels to be done. I have, in the last 51 days of cycling, accomplished something, until rather recently, I never saw myself being able to pull off. Yet here I am, writing these words, having done it and ready for another cycling tour next year/month/etc.

I will write a more meaningful reflection on the tour and what it meant to me personally later but for now, here’s a re-cap of the past week or so since leaving Prince George and getting into Vancouver.

I had a great homestay in Prince George and stayed an extra day to wait out a storm which was a wise decision. Upon leaving P.G., I knew I still had a ways to Vancouver so I had to focus on being in the moment and not focusing so much on “the end”.

The best poutine in Prince George! Thanks for the tip Shredmaster!

Thanks for the homestay! I truly appreciated it!

A lil' Canadian delicacy, Tim Hortons. Fuel for the day!

The riding from P.G. south was hilly and gradually getting warmer and warmer which was a welcome relief in some aspects compared to the previous 3-4 weeks of rain and overcast weather. This also drained me a bit but as always, my body adapted quick enough.

Another wonderful homestay. Thanks again!

Beautiful lonely road somewhere south of Williams Lake.

The ride south from P.G. went smoothly enough and was merely an “approach ride” to get me to the infamous Sea-to-Sky Highway. This highway takes a “backroad” into Vancouver through the Coastal Mountains and passes through many great mountain communities including Pemeberton, Whistler and Squamish. This ride was some of the most demanding riding I would do all tour but it seemed a fitting end to an already spectacular tour. This section alone would be a worthy tour in itself complete with 38 degree Celsius desert ecosystems, 10-13% 3,000 ft. climbs, 15% downhill switchbacks, snow-capped mountains all around, alpine lakes and wonderful people. If I ever come back here with a bike, I am definitely riding it again!

A small taste of the climb I had coming out of Lillooet. 3,000 ft. in 3 miles!

It was hard going from remote highways and mountains and “wilderness” to the urban sprawl of Vancouver. I had to psyche myself up to come into such a beautiful, yet extremely busy, city. It turned out to be easier than I had envisioned but even then, I could only do it for a day. My host in Vancouver got us free tickets to Theater under the stars, we ate tacos, and saw fireworks. A fitting end, for sure, but my true “end” would be Vancouver Island where I could unwind, relax a bit, and spend time with my riding partner through the tour, John Crouch. He has ended a few days before me so I made it to his home just in time for his Welcome back party and the past day and a half has been full off stories, food, tours of Victoria and now relaxing.

Tomorrow I will take a ferry out to Seattle and spend a few days hanging out and relaxing before flying home to El Paso where I get to see my wonderful family and eat all the delicious mexican food my stomach can handle. For now, this great city is calling for me to explore, so adios!

For those interested:

Prince George to Quesnel     81  miles

Quesnel to 150 Mile House     84 miles

150 Mile House to 59 Mile House     83 miles

59 Mile House to Lillooet     84 miles

Lillooet to Pemberton     60 miles

Pemberton to Squamish     62 miles

Squamish to Vancouver     43 miles

Total Distance from Prince George to Vancouver     497 miles!!!

As always, I shall shut my pie-hole and show you pretty pictures because I do this experience very little justice with my words….

fuel. check. sugar. check. sugar crash. double check.

The Devil's Postpile of Canada! Random roadside basalt columns.

Camping in Quesnel. Not too shabby...

World's tallest skis. Maybe Paul would like these...


Watch for ______?

This will make any cyclist cry for joy!

I'm honestly surprised/disgusted that I ate all this in less than 10 minutes!

Your choice, honestly. But if you ever come to this sign and choose the left option, you will kick yourself in the ass later.

The desert of B.C. by Clinton, B.C.

Farming country by the Fraser River by Lillooet

The killer climb out of Lillooet begins....

A killer view to compliment the killer climb...

Need I say more? p.s. That was my climb, not my descent!

It actually sorta sucks losing a lot of your elevation once your on top because you have to gain it ALL back soon enough!

I had originally planned on a 2,600 mile trip but easily surpassed that!

A great view from Duffy Lake before yet another long, gradual climb.

Even the creeks are steep here!

Resting after all the day's climbing. the ride from here was ALL downhill and flat!

another great... adventure? view? experience? Simply, another great.

When they call it extreme, you know it's going to be good!

I officially give this downhill a thumbs up!

Part joke, part sick desire. When in Whistler, the most yuppy ski town ever, you might as well be a consumer slut.

Mountains outside Whistler, B.C.

Ah yes, the Yosemite of the North!

These are road signs I love to see.

All hail the Chief!

The climber campground in Squamish and the Howe Sound.

Entering the big bad city at the end of a big bad tour!

The end. The happy, wonderful end.

A neat little taqueria in Vancouver. Funny place, eh?

Sunny park. Beer. Tacos. Friends. Great ending.

Where was this red head beauty when I was cycling all alone!?

Theater in the Park in Vancouver

Vancouver was so proud of me they actually threw me a party and had an amazing fireworks display!

Kitty and I on the ferry to Vancouver Island.


5 comments on “Prince George to Vancouver- To the end and beyond!

  1. marisa
    August 8, 2011

    I can’t wait for you to come home!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Adrian
    August 8, 2011

    Andres, finally ita all over, i can stop looking at your trip on my map and wondering where /how you were. You have no Idea how proud i, your entire family, and all my friends that followed your trip these last 51 days are of you, and your great accomplishment. we are waiting for you to get home and relax and have a slide show of some kind. glad its over,(at least these 2700miles).

    lets go climb a Volcano in November. Izta, not Popo
    love, dad

  3. Martha Estrada
    August 8, 2011


    Your tío Tury, Zeke and I will be in El Paso on Saturday, August 13. We arrive late in the evening but look forward to seeing you on Sunday if you don’t already have plans for that afternoon to evening. Congatulations on your major accomplishment!!!

    Tía Martha

  4. Juana
    August 8, 2011

    Hola chico,

    It seem like yesterday when you were packing all your gear and now you are all done with your journey. It is so great to see that you accomplished your goal and I must say that not only did you get a beard but lots of experience and memories. Have great last week on your adventure… Oh and when are you leaving to Tierra de Fuego? jk get some rest first…pero “Duerme soñando con tus ojos tan plenos, despiertos,
    con tu corazon lleno y radiante, alucinante, tan lleno de amor” by El Gran Silencio

  5. Sarah Bly
    August 9, 2011

    I got a phone call that my bike was ready for pick up right after I dropped you off, so I went to get it and… the owner at the bike shop (Cycle Therapy in Kent) is going from Banff to Mexico on a mountain bike, super lightweight, like we were talking about today! He’s leaving soon. I want you to meet him but he leaves for his last weekend training ride Thursday. He works at the shop tomorrow and wants to meet you and talk gear, if you’re bored and need something to do. It’s an easy bike ride from Renton. Super easy. Just google Cycle Therapy Kent, then google map it and hit the “Bicycle” icon for a good bike route. Didn’t you say you needed to get to a bike shop anyway? 😉

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