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It’s all done, now what?……….

As I write this I’m sitting at a friend’s house in the Seattle area waiting out the last few days until my flight leaves.

It has been an interesting few days trying to adjust to being back around lots and lots of people while also trying to process my journey. In addition to my body slowly recovering and starting to feel normal again, I can’t shake off the urge to keep biking, re-affirming that the past 52 days of cycling were all that I knew for a short time.

Not having to get on my bike and cycle down to the next campsite every morning changes what was once my daily routine and it feels awkward not really needing to be anywhere but exactly where I am right now.

In addition, the constant question asked by people, “How does it feel now that it’s over?” is still hard to answer. Honestly, it is a weird mix of extreme sense of accomplishment and a very anti-climactic dull restlessness. I feel like I should still be doing something and just sitting here waiting for a plane feels numb.

I wasn’t expecting, or even wanting, some sort of parade or anything for me when I got back, but it still seems like in the larger picture, what I did really only mattered to me.

That I think, is the greatest and hardest part of these big trips. You embark on a big trip and challenge yourself in ways you never though possible. Then, upon returning home, you are surrounded by people who may be “impressed” by your stories and experiences, but ultimately have no idea what it was like to actually be there.

Try as hard as I can, I can not express to people the feeling I got waking up in a different strange new place every morning, how my morning routine became a sort of daily prayer, how it felt to coast down hills in the damp chilly morning air, how the feeling of sweat pouring down my face filled me with an inescapable sense of joy determination, how even the simplest of kind gestures became major highlights of the trip and ultimately how much the conclusion of a major trip leaves you desperate for more.

I am glad I finished cycling when I was at my highest and honestly can not wait for my next cycling adventure. The feeling I get out there is the most real and honest I have ever felt. Every day, every moment and every crank of the pedals brings me to a new experience that makes me the person I am trying to be. I am glad I did this and can not wait to get back out there and see what else this world has to show me.

For now, I still have a few weeks of time off before starting work again. I have more adventures planned and many people to see. Hopefully, this trip makes more and more sense as the following days come and go.

For now, I need a shave, haircut and a fine lady by my side. As per the usual, I will settle for a shave and haircut. My lady is somewhere out there wandering the hills and as always is waiting for me on my next adventure.



On a ferry entering the good ol' US of A. Home sweet home.

Around that corner lies Seattle, the end of this journey. Or maybe the start of my next... not quite sure yet.

On the road, this look is acceptable. Back home, it feels and looks unkempt.

Halfway there to making myself looking somewhat presentable. Honestly, I prefer the grungy look... I look like someone else now.

Ultimately, this is what it is all about.


9 comments on “It’s all done, now what?……….

  1. Martha Estrada
    August 11, 2011

    Hello Andrés,
    I’m so glad you accomplished your goal. Hooray!!! We hope to see you in El Paso next week.
    Take and be safe.

    Tía Martha

  2. clay fiske
    August 11, 2011


    • clay fiske
      August 11, 2011

      That shoud have said amen.

  3. Leah
    August 11, 2011

    I can be your lady while your here :). I like the grungy Andy too, naked lip Andy is weird

  4. Adrian
    August 13, 2011

    Andres, dont for a minute think “you are done”, you have only pulled something new from your bucket list, and done it. There will always be a higher mountain, steeper ski slope, longer road trips. That is what keeps us alive and looking for something new, new place, new adventure. cogratulations on your journey, im looking forward to your next one love, dad

  5. Graeme
    August 17, 2011

    It was great meeting you on the road! I finished my trip to Hazelton rather than Kitimat. My wife and little guy met me at my parents. The Kona Jake held up – barely! The rack broke three times, the bottom bracket started acting up and a spoke broke. I hope you had a great ride through the Duffy!

  6. Jen Metes
    August 17, 2011

    Cheers on finishing your trip Andy! Your summation of the personal feelings endured in an attempt to relate epic journeys and adventures to others was perfectly stated–I’ve felt that exact same way before, too. I’ve truly enjoyed reading your blog posts this summer. It’s great inspiration to start dreaming up other Baxter award possibilities!

  7. Casey
    September 3, 2011

    As restless as you may have felt, it was probably a true blessing to have some “decompression” time before jumping in to your “regular” life at Yosemite. Matt and I returned to the States and immediately jumped back in to work and the wonderful community we have here, but it has left us with little time or energy to reflect on and process our experience this summer. Glad to have had a chance to catch up on your adventure finally over this long weekend (we admit we got a few posts behind…)!

  8. ednbv
    September 23, 2011

    Hi Andres!!

    Love your posts!! We look forward to seeing more of them!

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