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Palisades Traverse July 2nd-4th

As I prepare to depart on this next bike adventure I am left with a loooooong list of things that I still need to do in the Sierra. Luckily, earlier this week I was able to complete one of them with a good buddy Liam.

We successfully completed the Thunderbolt to Sill Palisades Traverse. This traverse involves a mile of 4th-5th class travel along a ridge that takes you up and over 5 seperate 14,000+ ft. peaks.

It was an amazing adventure full of hiking in the Sierra, 4th and 5th class travel at high elevation and good times with good people.

As per the usual, I shall refrain from boring you with my words and instead just show ya’ll some great pics.


The hike in was quite nice actually.

Hmmmmm…. Do we wreck our bodies at altitude or swim in a Chocalate Lake?

Posing hard, yo.

We almost lost Liam on the hike in.

Liam proving that he’s bigger than a 14,000 foot peak.

SW Chute #1, the entrance up and into the Palisades Traverse. 2,000 feet of scree and boulder filled 4th class.

The traverse viewed from Thunderbolt Peak/

Liam scheming something sinister I bet.

Looking back from Mt. Sill at the previous 4 14,00+ foot peaks we had just climbed up and over.

Descending down the eastern side of U’Notch down 2,000 feet of boulders, scree and dirt. This might have been the crux of the whole climb.

Me looking quite wrecked after a looooong day…..


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