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First 24 hours with my GF1!

Well I took the dive and purchased a brand spankin’ new Panasonic GF1 and it finally arrived yesterday afternoon!

I had been throwing around the idea of purchasing a more “professional” camera for a while and in the interest of weight and portability, this camera kept popping up. There are even a couple fellow bike tourers, Greg Mu @ The Simple Pleasures and Cass @ While Out Riding who swear by this camera. Granted I still have a way to go before I’m shooting like Cass!

So I “accidently” won this camera in a Ebay bid  and upon receiving it spent my next couple hours shooting some photos before I had to return to work. (where I then shot some more….) Unfortunately for me it was drizzling all day here in Yosemite so I was not able to shoot much more.

I was however able to upload a few photos and get to know my camera a bit more.

I intend on doing a review of this camera as I get to know it some more but so far it seems PERFECT for my intended purposes.

I was able to get quite a few beautiful portraits however in the interest of protecting the innocent (ie. no permission to post their photos) I am only posting a few.

Please give me feedback as I am just starting out and really want to work on my photography skills.




One comment on “First 24 hours with my GF1!

  1. Mom
    July 23, 2012

    Beautiful pictures

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