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Well, it’s all happening again! In 24 hours I will be beginning yet another leg of my grand lifetime bike tour. As per the usual, the past few days have been a strategic mix of breezy self confidence and blissful ignorance.

As with most other major events in my life, I am doing what I do best, keeping calm and carrying on. The past few days here in Vancouver pre-departure have been spent eating too much food, drinkin’ inexplicable amounts of coffee, running 1 errand a day then napping for a few hours and then eating more food.

It has not fully sunk in yet that for the next 3.5 months I will be living on the road and cycling (almost) everyday. I expect the full realization to sink in as Joshua and I cycle south tomorrow for the border.

This is a “rough” draft of my travel plans for the next 3.5 months.

So far, whenever people ask what I’m doing I have been doing my best to calmly, almost arrogantly so, state that I’m headed down to Guatemala via bicycle. This makes me seems a bit aloof but also keep me from freakin’ the hell out about what I’m actually about to do!

I’m not sure what to expect, and honestly I really would like to keep it that way.

What I know for certain is that:

1. I have a partner, Joshua, and am really excited to tour with someone.

2. I am truly excited to see the American West via bicycle.

3. Mexico has a pull that is impossible to resist and I can hardly wait to experience it.

4. I REALLY can’t wait to get the states and start paying normal prices for beer once again. Seriously! $12-15 for a sixer!?!?!?

Well that’s all for now but look forward to more tour-related posts coming your way.



My past few days in pictures…

The usual living room junk show.

It is always hard to say goodbye to this place, but I look forward to seeing it again soon.

My mom came for a visit and took me to the San Francisco Airport. Thanks Mom!

Yup. That’s me, my bike and my life. What could go wrong?

Bike assembly in a secluded corner of the Vancouver Airport. Always a treat.

Brook in all her glory.


4 comments on “Déjà-freakin’-vu

  1. Mara
    August 27, 2012

    Thanks Andy’s mom (& dad!), for having him and raising him to be a great person, friend, and colleague!

  2. Howard, Cheryl
    August 27, 2012

    Andres, Have fun and stay safe. Do the Tour de Gila next year and stay with me. I am trading in Cloudcroft for Silver City–rather the lower Mimbres valley–San Juan on Highway 61. Can’t wait to read your posts as you proceed southward. Cheryl ________________________________________

  3. Xavier
    August 27, 2012

    Good luck Andy! I look forward to seeing you in December. Take care.

  4. Casey
    September 1, 2012

    Wahoo! You’re on the road again! I’m sure you launched with some good momentum to carry you through this endeavor. We’ll be enviously tracking you from afar, so keep sharing the stories.

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